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How It Designed

See How Your accounting Software Is Especially Built To Fly


When a business needs to develop financial health, it requires errorless money management. That's why our developer's research almost every industry you count in modern days. And develop best online accounting software. To make your accounting challenges easier every way.


We develop this based on the traditional, current, and best multi company accounting software business. So any business can take the full advantages to make their accounting easier. And the best thing is every non-technical person can easily operate this without hiring an expert.


User-friendly specialized accounting software often needs to upgrade the crucial elements. That's why you'll get all the updates. You never need to pay extra for that. And having this cloud based accounting software means an errorless manager is always installed inside your system.

What You Can Do ...

gain more while managing business accounting systems

Inventory Management

No matter whether you analyze the inventory forecast, organize purchase orders, or actively control your inventory. Now you got it ALL in one place. Now manage your customer expectations, availability, laborious inventory, and stock transparency with just a snap of fingers

Order Management

Are you getting violently bored with managing the order? Send to the inventory? Picked and packed? What if you get everything from placing from order to shipping it to the customers? Yes! Our software is completely designed to manage all your order hassles without hiring experts.

Purchase/Vendor Management

Are you struggling with Onboarding, Endorse collaboration or Tracking? Managing it now never was simple before. But how would you simply do that? Do you want to efficiently update every information? Get the regular alert? Get all the information when your customers'


Do you need to record your financial transaction, posting debit/credits? Our software would sharply do that. It also helps you to manage the current and historical account, including... general ledgers, and completing the payroll like an expert professional. Check this best accounting software for professional services and grow.

VAT & Taxation

When it comes to deal with the Calculation, Accounting Entries, Returns, Payroll, and Payment... So many people get overwhelmed by this. Because the traditional system is quite time-wasting to help the modern business every way. But now we guarantee you'll LOVE this software to get the job done and save your time.


Invoice and payroll software plays a major role in accounting. Which we need so many times while managing our business. In this case, our accounting manager has those profound features to get it right. These will not only allow you to do one thing for accounting. It's all in one place at the same time.

Easy and localized solution

Made Accounting Easier Than EVER!

Accounting On Command

Experience the most comprehensive software that includes each and everything small business needs. Never feel threatened by accounting. Because you get the development over and over every time, it comes to make your work awesome.

Cross platform

Multi-Platform Use it in almost every system you can count. It'll never limit you from Mac OS X, Linux, or any kind of Windows. The ultimate most outrageous opportunity you have now to use accounting software in Bangladesh.

Versatile Languages

Use it in your native language. Obviously, you can choose it from the global. But some business accounting online people like to use in their native language. So it's the best option for them to take the full advantages.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Ans: There are several reasons. But most shortly and importantly, it manages your financial actions. So that you do not make mistakes anywhere and effortlessly to grow your business.

Ans: No need at all. Because it’s one of the simplest accounting software in Bangladesh you might ever use. As we every day use dozens of software on our phones. And there is nothing unusual about this.

Ans: We built it based on every circumstance of the accounting of an organization. So you will get all the accounting features to make it auto to manage to grow your business.

Ans: Most of our clients are non-technical. And everything you need to know, understand and learn from. We will provide all the training for free, so you get master at it.

Ans: Small business to the enterprise that requires quite errorless accounting. You can use it in the restaurant, pharmacy, school, college, university, ecommerce, and many more.

Ans: We built it based on every circumstance of the accounting of an organization. So you will get all the accounting features to make it auto to manage to grow your business.

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