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DHWCLayout – Woocommerce Products Layouts

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DHWCLayout - Woocommerce Products Layouts - 1

DHWCLayout - Woocommerce Products Layouts - 2


If you have the problem concerning display product of Woocommerce. it help you can control product display in everywhere and every form as your desire

Also, DHWCLayout plugin allows you to create brands for your shop: each brand can be named, described and assigned an image. allows you to builder template for product category and product brand

Video custom product category layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COeSBjtaPdE


  • Easily Installation.
  • Easily configure.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easily customize styles
  • Boostrap responsive
  • Work with WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress
  • Include support product brand :

    • Assign product to brand
    • Include widgets: list brand menu, brand with bxSlider, filter product by brand layered nav
  • Support custom products of category layout or product brand layout
  • Display support Grid,Masonry,Carousel ( Slider ), List
  • Support pagination in Grid style
  • Support display up-sells and related product
  • Multiple select products, exclude products, categories, exclude categories,tag and attributes…
  • more than 40+ options settings style
  • Front-end support , custom resize image, custom text button, custom color…
  • Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist button
  • Much more…

Support WPBakery Page Builder

DHWCLayout - Woocommerce Products Layouts - 3

Shortcodes generator

DHWCLayout - Woocommerce Products Layouts - 4


- Compatible with WooCommerce 3.6 
- Add new setting tab 'DHWC Layout' in menu 'WooCommerce -> Settings' 
- Change plugin to use templates and can override plugin template in 'theme/dhvc-woocommerce' 
- Additional small improvements. 

- Fix problem when order product
- Add filter CSS class for item 
- Update Products Ordering settings.
- Additional small improvements. 

- Compatible With WooCommerce 2.6 
- Fix error when use pagination 
- Fix problem in Masonry Layout 
- Additional small improvements 

- Fix Slider responsive problem.
- Support use custom template with private page 
- Add shortcode setting 5 columns 
- Fix Masonry query 
- Additional small improvements 

- Fix problem when build query and select product not working
- Fix problem in product brands.
- Additional small improvements 

- Fix problem in Product Brand. 
- Compatible With Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin 
- Fix problem with Visual Composer 4.11
- Additional small improvements 

Version 2.2.15 
- Fix problem in Visual Composer shortcode setting 
- Add hook term count for product brand 
- Load VC custom css
- Additional small improvements 

- Fix problem in Product Popup style.
- Add shortcode setting "Use default style of Theme" for Grid layout to inherit grid layout default of theme. 
- Compatible With WooCommerce 2.5.x 
- Additional small improvements

- Fix Pagination problem

- Compatible With Visual Composer 4.8.x

- Fix problem with Woocommerce Layered Navigation Fitlers Widget 
- Additional small improvements

- Fix bug thumbnail error 
- Add filter hook for quic view template

- Support setting 'Products Per Row' for type: Main Query

- Support product Quick View 
- Additional small improvements

- Support use Main Query in short code 
- Add hover effects for images
- Additional small improvements

- Fix bug Chosen select in WooCommerce new version.

- Support manage list products layouts in Archive/Search/Shop product page. If want use it, please select "Is Main Query" in short code setting and select 'Use DHVC WOO Override Woocommerce Product Archive / Shop Page Options. ' in Woo Settings.

- Fix bug query by Attributes

- Improvements Highly customizable style with filter hook

- Highly customizable style with filter hook. 
- Additional small improvements

- Fix bug shortcode builder not save with field empty value

- Compatibility with VC 4.4
- Small fix bug 

- Small fix bug 
- Add filter "dhvc-woo-add-to-cart" for "add-to-cart" button

- Small fix bug 
- Re-build mansory layout when add to cart

- Support custom SHOP page layout
- Fix bug show all product with -1 setting 
- Fix bug query ORDER

-Support YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

-Support products brand
- Support custom redirect product category and product brand


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